A Dedication to Scholarship

Joe graduated with honors from Gonzaga College High School in 1983.  After working on the John Glenn Presidential Campaign and traveling throughout Europe, Joe enrolled at Tufts University in 1985.  In June of 1986, Joe became a visiting student in the Center for South Asia at the University of Wisconsin.  Through that program, Joe became a student in the College Year in Nepal program studying Tibetan history, religion, and culture while living in Patan, Jawalakhel, Kathmandu, and the border region between Nepal and Tibet.  During the time Joe lived in the border region, he conducted an extensive oral history of Tibetan refugees fleeing Chinese Communist repression, studied the effects of deforestation on the habitat of the Kathmandu Valley, and studied Mahayana Buddhist metaphysics and ethics.  Returning to Tufts University, Joe embarked on an ambitious honors thesis for the completion of his history major.  This original scholarship studied the relationship between Robert F. Kennedy and the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.  Joe spent weeks at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Dorchester reading original source documents and listening to hour after hour of recorded Oval Office conversations and telephone communications.  To overcome gaps in the historiography of the period, Joe interviewed many civil rights leaders including Congress of Racial Equality founder James Farmer; Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee activists John Lewis, Frank Smith, and John Wilson; Southern Christian Leadership Conference organizer Walter Fauntroy; Mayor John Lindsay; Georgetown Law Professor Peter Edelman; and Assistant Attorney General Burke Marshall, to name some.  For his thesis scholarship, Joe was conferred the academic distinction of magno cum honore in thesi.  He graduated from Tufts magna cum laude double majoring in history and philosophy.  Joe earned his Master of Arts degree from The Graduate Institute at St. John’s College in Annapolis (across the street from the Maryland State House).  There, he thoroughly digested the recognized classical texts of Western civilization. At the Columbus School of Law at CUA, Joe was one of the winners of the Dean’s Cup Moot Court competition and competed against other DC-based law students at a city wide final competition held at the Military Court of Appeals.  Joe graduated from law school cum laude.