Neutralize Pharmaceutical Pollution of the Potomac River


Though great strides have been made in cleaning up the Potomac River, much, much more work needs to be undertaken.  Moreover, a new threat has emerged that not only threatens the health of the river ecosystem but threatens the safety of the drinking water that is drawn from the Potomac.

Marine biologists have noted the spread of intersex fish living in the river.  Preliminary conclusions are that the endocrine systems of fish populations are being disrupted by pharmaceutical pollution of the river.  And though the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission the treats water we draw from the Potomac by reducing sediment, bacteria, and other organic contaminants, there is no comprehensive approach to treating water to eliminate pharmaceutical pollution of the water prior to it reaching our tap.

As a member of the House of Delegates, Joe Hennessey will work to focus the resources of government on identifying and eliminating the pharmaceutical products that are contaminating our water supply.  This problem has gone unresolved for too long.