“The PRIME Act of 2018” is Classic Supply-Side, Trickle-Down Economics

Incumbents Marc Korman and Ariana Kelly were cosponsors of "The PRIME ACT of 2018."  This legislation authorizes $8.5 billion in free government construction and tax breaks to Amazon.com, Inc., --  company that already has $680 billion in market capitalization with a CEO who has personal wealth of $120 billion. 

It is flagrant hypocrisy for any member of the Democratic Party to excoriate Trump and the Republicans for proving massive tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans (justifiably deriding Speaker Ryan's rationale that such a massive tax give-away enables "job creators") -- only to turn, without the slightest embarrassment, and run headlong to the wealthiest American, Jeff Bezos to provide government-paid construction and massive tax cuts on the promise that Amazon will create 50,000 jobs.  Delegate Korman and Kelly's legislation is classic Republican, supply-side, trickle down, "voo doo" economics. 

Joe Hennessey has fought this Republican Party economic theory since it was introduced by the Reagan Administration.  It has no place in the Democratic Party.  Why?  Because massive tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans causes chronic deficits which cripple the government's ability to fund infrastructure, education, and other services; the creation of hyper-wealth and the destruction of the middle class; and the enrichment of corporate managers at the expense of their employees.  The PRIME Act is antithetical to the values of the Democratic Party.

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